Cigar ashtrays

If you smoke cigars, you know how much mess they can make. Tamping the ashes on the saucer or top of an empty beer can is neither a good substitute nor looks good. And yet you want to believe that smoking cigars is a kind of celebration. So what should a cigar ashtray be like?

Ashtrays are essential accessories for smoking cigars. In fact, the way a cigar is smoked can be as important as the cigar itself and its quality. If you don’t have the right cigar ashtray it can be difficult to enjoy a great smoking experience.

What is it all about, or what a cigar ashtray looks like​​

All ashtrays are very similar in appearance and design. They have a mandatory place for a cigar, as well as a narrowing side ending with a recessed bowl or bottom where ash is to be collected. The proper construction of the cigar ashtray makes it difficult to blow the ashes out of it. It also makes the ashtray easy to clean.  

Such a characteristic appearance of a cigar ashtray is therefore not a flight of fantasy or a desire to stand out from cigarette smokers, but a matter of convenience and willingness to keep order around you. That’s why cigar ashtrays are designed similarly, and if used properly, they prevent mess around. Of course, cigar ashtrays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can choose the one which best suits your style. Since cigars are meant to be enjoyed in style, cigar ashtrays are generally premium products.

How to ash cigars in cigar ashtrays

A cigar is a delicate thing, so contrary to what some may say, the way you shake off its ashes is important. To do it right, you should place the tip of the ash on the conical inner surface of the ashtray and gently shake it inside. You can just bring the cigar to the edge of the ashtray and roll it. Don’t touch anything other than the ashtray with your cigar, otherwise, expect ash to appear everywhere. If the cigar ash doesn’t come off, it’s too soon to ash. 

If you use the cigar ashtray properly, it is unlikely that you will damage your cigar. Never tap the cigar against the outer edge of the ashtray. It could damage the cigar wrapper and make the cigar fall apart. This is very important because 90% of the flavor of a cigar is in the packaging. If it breaks, you will lose the main advantage of the cigar – the taste.

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A moment of luxury

Do you associate a cigar with luxury and good-quality relaxation? Cigars tend to be expensive, but once you take one puff, you'll see what it's all about. Ask any cigar enthusiast, and he'll tell you that a cigar is not just rolled-up dry tobacco leaves, but an experience. Therefore, only use the best cigar accessories.