Cigar holder

A cigar holder is one of the cigar accessories that every cigar enthusiast should have in their drawer. It’s the perfect accessory for those who want to smoke an occasional cigar while doing other activities, and it doesn’t have to be a game of golf. As with any accessory, the cigar holder can be handmade or mass-produced. One thing is for sure: if you choose the right cigar holder, you will get the perfect gift for a cigar lover.

What is a cigar holder?

A cigar holder is a simple, yet elegant and attractive accessory for smokers. It is often made of tough materials, such as titanium. In fact, the term "cigar holder" can refer to three different items. Of course, each of them is designed to hold a cigar, but they do it in a different way and for a different purpose:

Cigar clip or cigar golf clip

Cigar golf clip is the most popular cigar holder and a legend. As the name suggests, it is most often used by golfers, but it can be great for activities other than golf. In fact, it is one of the most appreciated cigar accessories for avid anglers or people who like to spend time gardening. Such a cigar clip secures your cigar when there is no suitable ashtray within reach.

Cigar tube

This type of cigar holder is a kind of tube used to protect a cigar during transport. Cigar smokers usually call it a “cigar tube” or just a “container”. This kind of cigar holder is most often made of wood or metal. It is handy, easily fits in a pocket, and protects the cigar from damage.

Cigar Mouthpiece

The cigar mouthpiece is a small piece of a wooden mouthpiece that fits over the end of the cigar and is used to protect your fingers while smoking. Cigar mouthpieces can be made of various materials, such as wood, or acrylic. Sometimes they are made of more unique or precious materials, such as turtle shells, or amber.

Cigar holders or mouthpieces are now considered more of a vintage accessory (however, you can still find them at good cigar accessory stores). It’s a pity because thanks to the mouthpiece every time you smoke a cigar, you have the chance to do it to the very end without harming your fingers and mouth. This kind of cigar holder has another big advantage – it prevents tobacco remnants from getting into the mouth, which is something that no cigar lover likes.

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A touch of luxury

Luxury cigar accessories such as cigar holders are made of precious materials. One of the most popular is wooden cigar holders. They are made of solid wood in various colors. A common practice when creating cigar holders is to combine wood with metal. It is generally PVD-covered stainless steel.