Cigar cutters

When you start smoking a cigarette, you don’t need special preparations to do it. You just take a cigarette out of the pack and light it. The situation is completely different with cigars because there are several things to do before you sit back with a smoking cigar in your hand. There are many stories about the art of smoking cigars, in which the first stage of initiation is getting to know how to cut a cigar. This is why cigar cutters are the main piece of equipment for every cigar lover.

Why cut cigars?

Cigars are usually hand-rolled tobacco leaves. Such a simple description of the production process may erroneously suggest that it is enough to take the cigar out of the packaging, set it on fire, and enjoy the characteristic taste. Nothing could be more wrong because a cigar cannot be smoked without using a cigar cutter.

The most popular are cutters, also known as guillotines. Most of them consist of a pair of stainless steel blades mounted in a casing. When you squeeze the designated points, the blades open to reveal a hole where you put the cigar head. Regardless of the type of cutter and method of cutting, as a result, you get a more focused, stronger puff of the cigar, which increases its intensity.

How to cut a cigar?

Cutting a cigar can seem like a complicated task at first. However, once you choose the right cutter and learn how to use it correctly, things will become simple.

Cutting a cigar is not an art for art’s sake, but an activity that allows you to enjoy its full flavor. Therefore, which end of the cigar you cut matters. The closed end of the cigar is called the head, and it is this end that needs to be cut off. The head of the cigar is covered with the so-called cap, which is a small part of the leaf of the wrapper. You are to remove this cigar cap and thus open the head. All this so that the air can flow freely through the cigar.

Cigar cutters do not distort or crush the tip of the cigar as ordinary scissors or a knife can do. As a result of imprecise cutting, the packaging may unravel and the tobacco will spill into the mouth, giving you an unpleasant feeling. Moreover, the wrapper leaf can come off. Some cigar lovers say that slightly moisturizing the cigar head before cutting can facilitate the task. To do this, you can dampen a cigar’s head with your lips.

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Can you make two cigars by cutting one cigar in half?

This is not recommended, as one part of the cigar may be stronger and the other softer. Smoking a whole cigar allows you to enjoy the different flavors that develop over time.