Cigar box

If you have just started your adventure with cigars, you probably hear from more advanced players that you should arm yourself with a few elementary tools. Cigars are a completely different story than cigarettes, they also have different requirements. Their main characteristic is that they age quickly. However, this problem can be easily dealt with by purchasing a cigar box. Check what the box should be like and what the cigar case is really for.

A regular box or a box for special tasks?

Once you love the taste of cigars and discover your favorite type (or types), it’s time to buy a cigar case or a cigar box. A humidor, because this is the professional name of a cigar case, is not only a gadget for a cigar collector or a nice trinket to put on a shelf. It is an essential accessory for any cigar smoker if he smokes regularly. A humidor is indispensable to keep cigars fresh. This is due to the specificity of cigars that require appropriate storage conditions: temperature of 70° and relative humidity of 70%. The point is simple – if you do not meet these conditions, the cigars will dry out.

Is every cigar box the same?

There are humidors that contain a permanent humidification system to keep the air inside the box moist, and therefore the humidity of the cigars. If you don’t have a humidor, you must expect your cigars to lose their moisture over the next 3 days, which will cause them to lose their essential oils and change their flavor.

What is the humidor made of?

Most humidors are cigar boxes made of some type of wood. Most often, mahogany, oak, cedar, cherry, maple, walnut, and maple are used for this purpose. Cedar is considered the best wood for a humidor.

A well-prepared cigar case ensures optimal hydration of the cigars, which lasts until you decide to pull one of them out and smoke. Humidors differ from each other not only in the material from which they are made but also in the size, which is determined by the number of cigars that fit inside them. You can find several sizes of humidors in stores – those that hold only 10 cigars, as well as boxes for 25, 50, 75, and even 100 cigars. Of course, humidors also differ in price, which depends on the brand, the size of the box, and the materials from which it is made.

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Is it possible to revive a dry cigar thanks to humidors?

Moisturizing dried cigars with the help of a humidor is possible, although it requires a lot of patience. But be aware that the time and degree of dehydration of cigars may adversely affect the aroma and other characteristics of cigars.